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Oriental Nutrition—the second branch of Oriental Medicine—is based on the same theory as Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, therefore can increase organ function, blood circulation, or energy circulation. Using it properly will also increase response to care. The basic premise is two-fold: first, eat the correct food for your constitution. Second, eat the proper food for the season. This all comes from a wonderful school of thought in Oriental Medicine called the “Five Element Theory.”

To stimulate heart, small intestine, pericardium, or overall metabolism function (which all correspond to summer), use foods that are bitter flavored, like brussels sprouts, lamb, peaches or mustard greens. Interestingly, people who crave the taste of unsweetened coffee (bitter) are inadvertently making up for a deficiency in heart function in many cases!

As usual, do not hesitate to call and speak with me if you ever want to know more. We also offer Nutritional Consultations where you can learn more specifics for your own circumstances.

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