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Success Story: Insomnia and Ironman Training

“I met Curry Chaudoir at the 2009 Multi-Sport Expo. At the time, I knew very little about acupuncture or the potential benefits it could provide. However, I was curious, so, I spent some time speaking Read more...

Success Stories

Success Story: Arthritis, Leg Pain, Bursitis, High Blood Pressure

I have had pain issues for some years. The first I remember is the arthritis in my feet. I’ve had that pain for probably 15 years or so. The doctors showed me the x-rays of Read more...

Success Stories

Maretes’s Acupuncture Experience

This guest post comes from one of our patients, Maretes. She wanted us to share her experience with acupuncture. “I have known about acupuncture for many years, but never believed it can truly work…until now. Read more...