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Acupuncture Success Story: Sciatica

After being treated for my back, left leg, and my sciatica in my left leg for a month with only little relief from my chiropractor treatments, I decided to visit Curry and try acupuncture treatments Read more...

Success Stories

One of our patients describes our acupuncturists

Thank you deeply, profoundly, and gratefully for your expert care of me in the lst 6 months through the RELIEFcare (THAT WAS A DIFFICULT TIME!) and CORRECTIVE care. I know I have more healing to come in maintenance. I thank God for all of you. You have touched my life in hidden and healing ways. I am a passionate proponent of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.

Success Stories

Success Story: Arthritis, Leg Pain, Bursitis, High Blood Pressure

I have had pain issues for some years. The first I remember is the arthritis in my feet. I’ve had that pain for probably 15 years or so. The doctors showed me the x-rays of Read more...