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When it comes to Eastern Medicine vs. Western Medicine, there is quite a different approach to needles. And, in a recent survey comparing the Eastern Acupuncture needle approach to the Western drug injection needle approach to neck pain, surprisingly it was Acupuncture that came out ahead.

SpineUniverse recently conducted a survey to determine the favored treatment for neck pain and to compare patient satisfaction with a variety of treatment methods. As this survey was conducted in the United States where Western medical treatment and drugs are often the favored treatment, one item of comparison stood out and caused surprise.

This portion of the study compared Acupuncture to injection therapy for neck pain. Of the 310 persons in the study, 43.6% of the patients were satisfied or very satisfied with Acupuncture. What surprised researchers was that only 41.3% said that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their drug treatment.

While the percentage difference between those who preferred Acupuncture over injections is not large, the results were quite surprising to research personnel bases on two main factors: The first had to do with the fact that while vast amounts of money are invested in pharmacological research and injection medication, participants yet favored Acupuncture. The second factor had to do with the fact that many Westerners are still a bit wary of Acupuncture, but those who responded found it to be quite favorable.

On the other hand, the results may be paralleling the growing acceptance of Acupuncture by patients and the medical community. Many are finding that the traditional Chinese art of healing seems to make patients happy and reduce their pains. Once people realize that Acupuncture helps to contribute to the total health of the person and does so with needles that cause little or no discomfort, they are more amenable to giving it a try.

“Acupuncture is a safe treatment option for neck pain, and when done properly by a licensed acupuncturist, it can provide much needed pain relief,” said Laurie Morse, a licensed acupuncturist and Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine. “Many people worry about all the needles, but they’re actually much thinner (almost hair thin) than injection needles. Additionally, you can’t possibly have a reaction to medication because no medication is used in Acupuncture.”

Source: SpineUniverse. Press Release. “Neck Pain Patients Prefer Acupuncture to Injections.”March 2008.