It’s just become autumn in Wisconsin and already we are seeing a fair number of folks in the clinic with their first cold of the season! There have even been a few who have canceled their visits because of the symptoms they are experiencing. While we appreciate you not wanting to spread the germs, we have some AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE strategies to help you fight off the “common cold!”

  • Acupuncture – There are some super points on the body that let us boost your immune system, open up stuffy nose or blocked sinuses, calm a sore throat and shorten the length of a cold in general. They can be added/substituted for your regular treatment; so don’t miss that appointment! Even if you don’t have a visit scheduled, why not call and get in so we can boost your body and knock out that cold – fast!
  • Herbs – Chinese Medicine has some effective and safe formulas that do the same as the acupuncture; and we carry some of the most effective ones “ready-made” in the office. Unlike western cold remedies, we don’t just cover up the uncomfortable symptoms. We help your body get over the infection more rapidly and help it stay strong to prevent future ones.
  • Teas – Check out our super simple mint or ginger teas  you can brew – specific for the way your cold is affecting your body. We’ve got a great handout detailing making them up at home.
  • Diet – As always, we recommend a simple, clean diet. When you’ve got a cold, though you really need to cut out any dairy, fruit juices, fried foods and heavy meats – they are just too taxing on the system and will actually create more phlegm in the body (like anyone needs that!) Warm, clear broths and soups, lightly steamed or sautéed vegies or even a nice congee (rice porridge – and yes, we have recipe for you to use) will nourish the body without worsening the cold symptoms.
  • Sleep – Just because this is last on the list, doesn’t mean it’s not vital. While you are sick, it’s sooooo important to get a solid 8 hours of sleep per night. Clear your schedule, quiet your evenings, bundle up and get your rest.

This being a cold climate, the “cold and flu season” can be a long one. Let’s work together to use this wonderful medicine to build your health and keep you from experiencing any down time from the viruses that everyone around you is going to be all too ready to share.