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Let’s look at the actual definition of the word symptom.

SYMPTOM: “a physical or emotional manifestation of an underlying disease process, indicating there is an imbalance.” We look at your symptoms as indicators that there is something wrong a deeper level.

Many people come to us with a particular condition that the doctors diagnosed as a disease. What we have found many times is that the diagnosis is merely a symptom OF a disease.

Example: a person comes in with a diagnosis of “migraines”.

Sounds perfectly straight forward, doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately for the patient, the diagnosis given is usually a description of specific symptoms that are slightly unique for each person, but fall under the diagnostic category of “migraines.”

What we have found clinically is that the body has an imbalance which is the actual and TRUE disease process. The disease process is what is causing the migraines, which is when the symptoms of pain, visual disturbances, etc. appear.

It seems a major misstep in conventional Western medicine lies within a misunderstanding of the following word….SYMPTOM.

1 thought on “What is a “symptom?””

Buddy . July 21, 2016 at 10:59 am

At last! Something clear I can unneastrdd. Thanks!

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