Does Fatigue Affect Your Life?

Woman in Milwaukee, WI in need of acupuncture to treat low energyFatigue is one of the most common health concerns in America. Fatigue robs millions of people of the ability to enjoy work and live life to the fullest. For many people, fatigue has done more to destroy their quality of life than any other condition.

Do you suffer from fatigue?

Our acupuncturists will ask about how your lack of energy has affected your life:

  • How long has it been occurring?
  • How often does it occur? Daily? Weekly?
  • Does it affect your work or daily tasks?
  • Does it affect your ability to care for your family?
  • Do you often put things off because you don’t have the energy to do them?
  • Do you reach for caffeine to make it through the day?

Acupuncture, and sometimes herbs, can help restore your body’s natural energy levels. We look at the underlying issues that are causing your fatigue. There are many factors that could cause low energy such as hormonal imbalance, insomnia, digestive weakness, and many others.

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