Do you stress, anxiety, irritability, or depression?

From 1999 to 2014, depression medication usage has increased by 65%, according to the CDC. In 2014, one in every eight people over the age of 12 reported using antidepressants.

Don’t let yourself become another statistic.

Depression and anxiety can manifest in a number of ways. In Oriental Medicine, we don’t only look at the symptoms you are experiencing, but at the cause of those symptoms. Months, years, and sometimes decades, of stress can affect your ability to function normally.

We look at the body as a whole to help regulate brain chemistry naturally. In many cases, acupuncture and herbs have helped decrease the need for medication.

You shouldn’t have to fight so hard just to make it through another day. Our holistic approach will often include the use of acupuncture, herbs, and nutritional therapy.

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