Acupuncture Reviews

    review rating 5  Acupuncture & Holistic Health has helped me tremendously. They helped me open my energy pathways and my body and mind have helped me to heal and renew. Thank you to the entire team. Your kindness and commitment to me has been wonderful. 73 and getting stronger each day! Don’t hesitate to try acupuncture with this team. Curry thank you for everything.

    thumb Nancy Merkel

    review rating 5  I am please to have taken a step toward a better me. I always wonder what acupuncture would be like and if it would work. So, I have decided to give it a try because so many things have started to developed in my body. I now have been attending acupuncture treatment since July 2017. I have suffer with allergies, which now have been effecting my inner ear leaving me with vertigo. I have been dealing with night sweats, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, for about 7 years after having my last child. I also, have back problems from two car accidents and it have started to affect my muscles in my arms and thighs. One of my legs started to swell and I would have pain in them. I suffered with GERD as a small child as I began to get older the more of a problem it became. I am very please with the way my body have reacted to my acupuncture and herbal treatment. The pain and pressure in my back and legs is no more. My night sweats are better. I no longer wake up feeling like I just fell in a pool, or had a bucket of water poured on me. My vertigo is very mild. I know with time and continued treatment every thing will improve even more and I want have all of those health issues anymore. I look forward to living a healthier life.

    thumb Towana Williams-Kernan

    review rating 5  I was very skeptical to try acupuncture for severe back & nerve pain. I had had acupuncture before for a different issue - with limited results - so I wasn't sure I wanted to go down this path again. A doctor actually recommended I try it since I had tried everything else - meds, steroid injections, physical therapy, chiropractor - and nothing was giving me significant, sustained relief. Even surgery was not off the table. I found Acupuncture & Holistic Health Associates online after searching for highly rated acupuncturists. It helped that they had a summer offer to further entice me into giving them a try. My first visit was a surprise. Their approach was completely different than my previous experience. Everything they do is rooted in traditional Eastern medicine. I honestly didn't think it would work, but my body has responded amazingly to the treatments. We started too aggressively & things initially went south for me, but, once we adjusted the treatments, I started improving for the first time in months. I managed to avoid surgery, get off a lot of my medicines, and, overall, just started feeling better day-to-day. I highly recommend this office if you are a chronic pain sufferer like me.

    thumb Laura Poll

    review rating 5  I met Curry first at state fair expo center. I went in for a consultation with many different issues/symptoms. We narrowed it down to 5 major areas of focus. O was dealing with extreme fatigue, dizziness/vertigo, upper back pain, stress and anxiety. Since I started this journey back in the beginning of August 2018, I have seen tremendous relief. I was very skeptical at first but I was to the point I’d try anything to feel better. My dizziness/vertigo and fatigue issues are completely gone. As well, my upper back pain, stress and anxiety have diminished almost completely. I am so grateful for this clinic and that I’ve finally been able to feel more like myself again!

    thumb Desiree Nowak

    review rating 5  I have been receiving acupuncture treatments here for a year and a half. I have felt beyond supported by the staff, who created an individualized plan with me to help support my fertility issues, digestion and anxiety. My body feels more balanced and supported. I am truly grateful for this agency and how personal and compassionate they continue to be.

    thumb Kim Wagner