Another winter has passed and everyone seems so ready for spring to arrive. What’s not to love? Warmer weather, longer daylight hours, songbirds return, and the whole world of plant life springs into action with bright green buds and colorful blossoms. For some of us, however, this time of year also brings an unwelcome tradition – seasonal allergies. Just when you think you’re over the worry of a scratchy throat, sinus congestion and pressure and sneezing from a winter virus – you are getting the same thing only from spring allergies.

There’s really no reason to suffer with either one of these things. Here are some tips/ideas you can try to avoid the hassle of allergies this spring; and to do it naturally!

First of all, it’s advisable to take action BEFORE symptoms pop up, especially if you know you are a regular allergy sufferer. But of course, any of these things can be done even after allergies flare up to reduce/shorten their effect on you.


Did you know there are many known acupuncture points that strengthen the immune system, clear the lungs, calm a cough, drive out phlegm and calm the immune over-response we call allergies? Regular treatments can prevent, lessen symptoms or shorten the duration of an outbreak.


There are several ready-made herbal remedies we carry that are excellent at helping to alleviate allergy symptoms and prevent further problems.


During the spring you will want to start making your meals and food choices lighter (just like your clothing choices!) as weather warms and life starts moving again after the cold of winter. Start to cut back food that are heavy (dairy, eggs, citrus, potatoes, wheat, heavy cuts of meat) and increase eating light, springtime foods (onion, garlic, leafy greens, cabbage, beets, carrots). The lighter foods will allow the body to detox, process allergens, reduce phlegm and strengthen digestion as the seasons change.

Spring clean

Clear out dust and allergens from the winter. Wash pillowcases regularly (maybe even daily during peak pollen times) and pillows once a month. If you are out doors during the day consider showering in the evening to wash off allergens on the body or in the hair before you take them to bed with you.

A bedroom air filter placed between you and any open windows can knock out allergens before they get to you.


A regular warm cup of ginger or peppermint tea with a teaspoon of locally sourced raw honey can help reduce your reaction to local allergens when you are exposed to them.

If you do become congested, place a hot water bottle below the belly button for 10-15 minutes before bed for 5 nights. This will stimulate the immune system and help drain the sinuses.

Try some of these today, they are safe and easy and really can help ! Hoping you  all have a safe and pleasant spring, and are able to enjoy the beauty of the change of seasons that comes with this time of the year.