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Autumn Cleansing

What systems aid in internal cleansing? The body has at least five channels of detoxification– the bowel, liver, kidney, lung and skin. Each of these systems works synergistically to remove chemicals and toxins from the body. Certain herbs and fibers stimulate and support the body’s natural detoxification process. How do Read more…

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Hydrotherapy for Inflammation

Hot and cold hydrotherapy is a technique commonly suggested by medical professionals for those suffering from chronic pain and inflammation. When used correctly, hot/cold hydrotherapy can be quite effective at decreasing pain and inflammation. What is Inflammation? Inflammation is an Immunovascular (immune system and blood flow) response to an inflammatory Read more…


Cleansing in the Spring

Springtime is here! (Although in Wisconsin, it still feels like winter) Spring is a great time of year to do a cleanse. The liver is more active in spring and with the increasing temperatures, it is the perfect time to do any kind of detoxification (cleansing or potentially fasting). We recommend that any such activity should Read more…


Chinese New Year

  Beginning on February 16th, we officially move into the year of the Dog. The exact origin of this holiday is too old to be traced, but many explanations still exist. One idea is that the holiday originated when a beast named Nian (which means year in Chinese) came out Read more…


GMO vs. Non-GMO foods.

GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) are plants and animals created in the lab by splicing genes. In the past, to create a new variety of plant, we had to use cross-breeding or hybridization – where the pollen on one plant was introduced to the flower of a second plant. This would result in Read more…