Signs That You Need Acupuncture

Acupuncture and other forms of Chinese traditional medicine are rapidly gaining popularity in America and worldwide. While most people go for acupuncture treatments after recommendations by friends, family, or medical practitioners, some do it out of curiosity. So, how can one know that they need acupuncture? Anyone can use acupuncture Read more…

4 Things Seniors Should Know About Acupuncture

As people get older, they often experience certain physical changes, some of which can promote chronic discomfort, illness, and loss of function. Unfortunately, some of the treatment options Western medicine offers, such as drug therapy, can introduce additional concerns or complications.

If you struggle with age-related health complaints, understand how the branch of Chinese Medicine known as acupuncture can help you feel better and optimize your wellness for many years to come. Consider the following four advantages and benefits of acupuncture for seniors. (more…)