4 Things Seniors Should Know About Acupuncture

As people get older, they often experience certain physical changes, some of which can promote chronic discomfort, illness, and loss of function. Unfortunately, some of the treatment options Western medicine offers, such as drug therapy, can introduce additional concerns or complications.

If you struggle with age-related health complaints, understand how the branch of Chinese Medicine known as acupuncture can help you feel better and optimize your wellness for many years to come. Consider the following four advantages and benefits of acupuncture for seniors. (more…)

Acupuncture Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: FAQ

Carpal tunnel syndrome can prove debilitating for sufferers who rely on their hands and wrists to perform their work or complete countless everyday tasks. This compression of the median nerve in the wrist can deprive fingers of feeling while also causing pain and other annoying problems, driving many sufferers to seek surgery. If you find yourself plagued by carpal tunnel syndrome but dread the idea of going under the knife, you should know the ancient Read more…

Acupuncture for Children: 4 Points for Parents

Despite its thousands of years of history as a proven healing modality, parents who have never tried acupuncture themselves (and even some of those who have tried it) might balk at the idea of having acupuncture performed on their children. In reality, pediatric acupuncture can prove safe, comfortable, and highly effective treatment.

If you wonder whether your child can benefit from acupuncture, you should understand some important basic aspects of this ancient, all-natural form of health and wellness care. Consider the following four points regarding acupuncture for children. (more…)

4 Common Conditions That Respond Well to Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a form of holistic medicine that is becoming more and more popular for its many benefits. Unlike traditional Western medicine, holistic medicine treats the whole body, which appeals to many patients.  During a session, the practitioner uses thin needles to stimulate the body and promote healing. If you would like to learn more, check out these four common conditions that respond well to acupuncture treatments. 1. Sinus Problems Allergic rhinitis and chronic sinusitis Read more…

Viral Protection

Building the immune system with Chinese Medicine. In recent days reports of the COVID-19 (commonly referred to as Corona Virus) virus spreading around the globe and into the U.S. has a  lot of people worried about preventing and treating such a disease. The last pandemic –type virus seen in the U.S. was the H1N1 virus outbreak in 2009. A lot of the same precautions and treatments hold true for patients now that worked back then. Read more…

The usefulness of Five Element Theory

One very important concept in Oriental Medicine is Five Element theory, which describes basic elements (fire, earth, metal, water, and wood) in the body and the inter-relationships of those elements similar to those same elements found in nature. Each element corresponds to specific organs, flavors, emotions, colors, seasons, etc. One such element is fire, which corresponds to the Heart, Small Intestine, Pericardium, and metabolic function. Another element is earth, which corresponds to Spleen/Pancreatic system and Read more…