It’s finally here! We’ve been waiting months and months for it, dealing with the frigid cold temperatures, ridiculous amounts of snow and a lack of sun. But the wait is over.

Spring is here!

It’s such a wonderful time of year. It’s the time of year where we have warmer temperatures and we start to see the leaves on trees and flowers start to bloom. It’s a time for renewal, movement, detoxing, creativity and cleansing.

With the change of the seasons.  Spring cleansing seems to be the trend right now. It seems that all over town someone is talking about doing a spring cleanse or a detox.

With so much information out there, how do you know what’s good for your body?

If you’ve been noticing some brain fog or feeling sluggish or bloating or some digestive issues, a cleanse might be just the thing  to put your body back in balance. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out the right cleanse for you.  No matter what you choose, you want to make sure that it’s in the most natural and healthy way for your body.

Spring is all about the liver and gallbladder in Chinese medicine.

So, when it comes to trying a cleanse, those organs are good to focus on. When cleansing  the liver or gallbladder there are certain foods that you can incorporate into your daily diet to detoxify and strengthen those organs.

Some great foods for that are:

  • ginger,
  • turmeric,
  • dandelion root,
  • artichokes,
  • radishes,
  • green leafy veggies and
  • sour foods like lemons.

With that you also want to make sure you’re drinking lots of water (8-10 cups daily) and eating very clean.

Get rest and do some restorative movement like a yoga class.

Temporary Cleanse

You can also do a temporary cleanse that usually last anywhere from 5 days to a month. There are a lot of different cleanses that one could try.  Many people are trying juice cleanses.  Try to stay away from juice cleanses because often your body will not get all the minerals and vitamins  it  needs and your glucose levels can go way up.

Here are a few cleanses that we recommend:

Brown rice cleanse. It’s an ancient cleanse that is very gentle, so you don’t have those harsh symptoms that can sometimes happen when doing a detox and its proven to be very effective. It will help to remove toxins from your body. You would want to have about 5 cups per day of good quality whole grain rice, Ayurveda recommends Basmati rice. With the brown rice cleanse you can see results in as little as one day. But can do it for up to5 days.  If you are on a low carb diet you can try a Milk Thistle Cleanse.

Milk thistle will help to detox the liver and help with any liver damage. You can take milk thistle pills. Taking one three times daily not exceeding 150 mg or you can drink it as a tea. Drink two cups per day for 5 days.

We also recommend the Nature’s Secret Ultimate Cleanse, it is a 2 part cleanse of multi-herb digestion & detox support and multi-fiber colon cleanse. It is taken in pill form which, you can take for up to 30 days.  You can pick it up at AHHA!

Note: Nothing in this document is intended as a substitute for your doctor’s diagnosis and/or treatment. This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.