Ever observe another person walk out of a bathroom, PAST the sink without stopping to wash his/her hands and gasp in horror?  We all have seen it, sadly.  It seems some folks consider the hands “clean” if dirt is not visible.  Commonly, the real dangerous stuff of life is not visible on those hands of yours, unfortunately.  No kidding, there is even a “hand washing awareness week”.  This is a big enough issue in society that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has established an entire campaign entitled:

Life is Better with Clean Hands!

Washing hands regularly throughout the day at any time in human history has proven important.  In the year 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, that is more true than ever!  Here are some fundamental tips you can use each and every day, all day long…..with the outcome of effectively combating the current pandemic.  Other than using methods to boost your body’s immunity and wearing well-fitted masks, these ideas might be your best defense against illness for you (and your fellow man).

Simple ideas, easy to apply, for anyone:

  1.  Wet your hands with warm water.
  2.  Apply high-quality soap, ideally naturally anti-microbial.
  3.  Scrubadub for 20 seconds or more, singing a song to completion if needed, such as the “Happy Birthday” tune.
  4. Rinse those hands of yours well with clean, warm water.
  5. Then dry your hands nicely with a cloth that has not been previously used for any purpose.

When cooking/handling food, especially as the holidays approach, keep in mind:

  1. Always clean hands, surfaces, and cooking utensils thoroughly before use.
  2. Cook all foods to safe temperatures.  Using a food thermometer is a good idea.
  3. It is suggested to refrigerate prepared foods within TWO hours of their preparation!
  4. Likely goes without saying, but keep raw animal or fish proteins AWAY from utensils used on cooked foods!

Like your mom told you:  wash those hands before you come to the dinner table!  And another 15-50 times a day, depending on your activities.

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