bee pollinating flower

Bee pollinating flower.

GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) are plants and animals created in the lab by splicing genes. In the past, to create a new variety of plant, we had to use cross-breeding or hybridization – where the pollen on one plant was introduced to the flower of a second plant. This would result in a new type of plant that had properties of both parents. This had to happen between organisms that were similar enough to accept the genetic material of each other. In fact it often happens without human intervention when neighboring plants receive each other’s pollen borne on the wind or by insect activity.

GMO varieties are created by taking portions of genes, in the lab, often of life forms like plants, fungi, animals, bacteria or viruses and splicing them into the genetic code of an unrelated organism. This creates a new life form with genetic makeup that could never have occurred in nature. Many of them are unstable.

GMO in lab

Creating a new organism in the lab.

There’s a lot of argument about whether these new food items are safe to consume or as healthy as the traditionally created hybrids. Their creators say the nutritional value is the same. Many others find that they tend to create food sensitivities in some people.

One has to consider, though that over 70% of these new plants are created to withstand the effects of chemical herbicides. The fields can now be continually sprayed to destroy crop-reducing weeds – with the hope to increase yields. But the weeds are becoming naturally resistant too, creating super-weeds that require more and more toxic chemicals to control. The food plants are being modified to tolerate this increased chemical exposure. But plants absorb what is in their environment, and we absorb what is in the plants we eat. This creates new and additional stresses on our liver and kidneys to detox and filter out the chemicals from our bodies, as well as stress on our organs and cell which must now be exposed to these chemicals.

The best way to avoid this stress it to try to buy Non-GMO certified or certified Organic foods whenever possible. This is important with meat and animal products too, because their food crops are being modified as well. Frequent restaurants that are committed to procuring local, organic and naturally sources foods; there are more and more of them all the time. Go to farmer’s markets locally and get to know where your food comes from.  Start out small and adjust your buying habits.

By putting only the best quality substances into our bodies, we can help them to create the healthiest cells and vital substances.  These in turn with help our bodies to function at their highest level.

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