Acupuncture and “Qi”

There are a few ideas floating around about the basic theory of Acupuncture and why it works. From my perspective, I don’t care about opinion or who’s right or who’s wrong, rather I’m interested in what makes sense and gets the best result for the patient. With that in mind, I Read more…

picture of Chinese herbs

Chinese Herbs and YOU

People in America often times wonder how Chinese herbal formulation is done. What are Chinese herbs? Why take them? How do you take them? Why can’t I just go to the Vitamin or Health Food Store and take a mixture of supplements? The answer to all of these questions is simple: each person, and their individual life stresses, is unique.

Acupuncture and Children

Kids often times respond very well to Oriental medicine! In our clinic, we perform acupuncture on children five years of age and older. Often times, they can receive additional benefit from Chinese herbs. For children under the age of five, a Chinese herbal prescription is best (without the acupuncture). We also train parents Read more…