A common and very good question that we hear. There are some exact steps taken to discover if a person is a candidate for acupuncture…and then sorting out what to do once we find out the person is a candidate.

First, we normally will take a few minutes on the phone with you to ask some basic questions, this discovering if an initial intake is something that should be performed.

If it makes sense to do so, an initial evaluation and medical history is then scheduled and done, including preliminary diagnostics and a full medical history and discussion of symptoms to discover the exact nature of the problem you may be having.

At that point, if the person is unquestionably a candidate for acupuncture, recommendations for treatment are given and an examination is done to determine which of the 2000 known acupuncture points will be used in treatment. A typical treatment may include anywhere from 10 to 20 points, all designed to restore function to the body, thus alleviating your symptoms.

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